Four Reasons Periscope is the BEST THING Since a Bread Slicer…

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Are you a fan of sliced bread??? Well, let me tell you that the newest live streaming app to hit the scene is better than the PB&J your mom used to make.

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Periscope is an interactive, live-streaming app that is pretty much taking over the world. It’s currently available on iOS and Android to stream via mobile and users can view “scopes” online at


Why It’s Awesome for Your Business

  1. Breaks down the wall that separates your business from your customers. You’re able to connect directly with the people that have purchased from you and build the know, like, trust factor that influences consumer purchases.
  2. Builds community. Let’s face it, the life of an entrepreneur is often one of solitude, we tend to operate in our own silos with much interaction with the outside world (maybe that’s just me..LOL). The more you scope you build a community of like-minded individuals that can your personal think tank, focus group or even your cheering squad.
  3. Allows instant feedback. If you’re thinking about adding a new product or service you can solicit feedback on your scope. Viewers can chat with you and show their support for what you’re talking about in the form of hearts.
  4. Easy to do! As someone that creates content for YouTube, scoping is SO much easier!!! No props, I don’t worry about lighting (most of my scopes are during the day) and there’s no editing.

If you’re not on Periscope yet, I strongly encourage you to get on board. Upon my last check this platform had 10 million global users, and many of those people are looking for somebody to teach them something. Why shouldn’t it be you???

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