Four Ways to Treat Your Website Like an Employee

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I don’t know about you, but the whole hiring employees thing is NOT something I’m looking forward to. I’ve managed to get by thus far with a little help from my “friends” (independent contractors), but as entrepreneurs we actually do have one employee at our disposal, waiting for us to tell them what to do: it’s our website.


How would you train your employee to behave when you’re not around? When it comes to your website, here’s what you need to ensure visitors are taken care of when they stop by your online home:

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  • Where to go – where do you want people to do when they come to your site?  I have a Go Here First page that gives an overview of how I relate to and can help people that visit my site.  Pretend you’re visiting your site, where would you go first? Create content to answer their most pressing questions and send people there.
  • What to do – what do you want people to do? Join your list? Read a blog post? Subscribe to your blog? Make those “instructions” clear.
  • How to contact you – if someone has a question before they make their final buying decision, how do they ask?
  • How to buy – speaking of buying decisions, how would someone purchase your product/service? Is there a buy now button? Do they request an invoice? Carrier pigeon?

When you’re sound asleep at night, your website is hard at work virtually greeting visitors. It’s your duty to make sure your “employee” has all of the tools needed to perform the highest level of customer service.

Unless you’re planning to be on the clock…..