Grow Your Business with a Column

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Content marketing is the publishing of content with the purpose of increasing awareness for your product and/or service. Purpose-driven business and brand owners can “do” this type of marketing through blog posts, videos, live broadcasts or publishing a column in an online or print publication.

Among these options, publishing a column carries a little more weight because it’s a third-party entity that has deemed you worthy enough to offer you space to showcase your expertise. If done carefully, a column could also help grow your business. Think of it like a super-charged  testimonial that boosts your credibility.


Publishing a column or contributing your content on a platform that has the attention of your ideal customers and/or clients can help you grow your business in several ways.

Establish your credibility. You don’t instantly become a credible source in your industry the moment your first column is published, but a column does help you build trust in the eyes of the readers that have just met you. As far as that publication (and its readers) are concerned, you’re already a subject matter expert in your field and interested readers will come to accept you as a trusted resource as well.

Grow your influence. As more people read your column (as you continue to deliver valuable content on a consistent basis), your influence will grow. People will begin to associate you with the information and resources your provide, partly because you help them succeed. The equity that you build sets the stage for your product offers.

Attract customers and clients. Don’t forget the reason you wanted this column in the first place: exposure to new people! As you establish credibility and grow your influence over time, you will attract more customers and clients. Your column provides the opportunity to establish and build the Know, Like, Trust factor that influences purchasing decisions.

I publish a digital marketing column in my local newspaper. I’m sharing these tips with you because I’ve relied on these truths to help me grow my own business. There is NOTHING that I share on social media, here on my blog or in a training/workshop that I’m not doing or haven’t done myself. When it comes to creating content and getting the most out of what you publish for your business, I want to shorten your learning curve so you can get further faster on your journey.

I’m here to help you figure things out as I’ve figured things out.

To your Greatness,