How I (and You Should) Use Facebook Messenger to Take Care of Business

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In case you missed it, Mark Zuckerberg posted on his FB page in Jan 2016 that messenger had basically taken over the world…

As I said in this blog post, when you can’t outmarket your competition you can outserve them to gain more influence, make a bigger impact and generate more income for your business.

If you’re anything like me, you’re taking advantage of this FREE tool to step up your customer service game.

If you’re new to my blog you probably haven’t heard me say/write about the importance being a human when it comes to your business. YOU as the business owner are the one un-duplicatable factor in your business so you should use that to your advantage. I go deeper into this in a previous blog post, you can check it out here.

Now, let’s get into how you should use Facebook messenger for business.


Using Facebook messenger is a way to present the human aspect of your business, people are reaching out to ask questions about your products/services before they buy, you need to be there to answer! In my online apparel business I get questions on the FB page all the time about available colors and fit. The non-business minded Moniek would tell those people to go to the freaking website because everything they need to know is there. BUT, the extreme-business minded Moniek takes the time to respond to questions (thereby overcoming objections to buying) and add a “wow” factor to the customer experience.

[Tweet ” Wow your customers & let them know that you care about more than the sale. “]

It’s also very convenient for potential customers to message you on your Facebook business page because chances are they found you on Facebook anyway. Sure, you probably have your contact information listed on your website and on your page, but what if your site/page visitors don’t know where to look?? Sending you a message is a quick and easy way to contact you.

To take that convenience level up another notch, Facebook recently introduced the URL messenger short link , which allows users to message pages without going into the Facebook app at all. It’s currently active for all pages, simply add the customized portion of your page address to the end of the short link, as I’ve done here –

Lastly, your Facebook page now includes a response rate that visitors are able to see. This section shows a rate of responsiveness for your business and the average amount of time it takes for you to respond to  a message.



We’re in business to make money, right? And we can’t be our own customer, right? Okay then, that means we need to have customers that are satisfied with our products and services and will tell all of their friends and their friends’ friends about us.

So, you have another free (for now, you know how FB operates…) social media business tool in Facebook messenger. You’re welcome 🙂

To Your Greatnesss,