You Went Live – Now What??

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Congratulations on completing your first live broadcast!! Whether you used Facebook Live, Periscope or even Instagram, you’ve taken advantage of the fastest, most impactful way to build an audience on social media today. Consumers are growing more accustomed to watching live broadcasts and videos on their favorite platforms, and now your content is officially in the mix.

So you went live – now what??

What happens after your broadcast is over? Well, that depends. If there is one truth to understand about social media, it’s that each platform is different. As a business owner, this realization alone will help you use the tools in the best way possible for your business.


When it comes to your live broadcast, each platform has different tools and functionalities available, for FREE, to help you maximize your reach, engagement and ultimately, sales.


Facebook Live

Facebook is number one among all the social media platforms today, and your live broadcasts become videos that reside on your page, provided you don’t delete them. That’s tip number one for Facebook– leave your live “video” up on your page, even if you didn’t have any live viewers.  Facebook’s algorithm favors video (hint, hint..) so your content will be shown to more people even after your live broadcast has ended.

Prior to ending a live broadcast on Facebook from a mobile device you have the option to save the video to your mobile device. If you forget to save, Facebook also allows you to download the video after your broadcast ends (only available from a computer).


If you went live on Periscope, your replay will remain on your profile unless you manually delete it or have the “auto-delete after 24 hours” option turned on. Viewers can watch your replays as often as they want, and they can share on Facebook, Twitter or Periscope. If your Periscope account is connected to Twitter, your replay will be viewable from your Twitter profile as well.

Your Periscope broadcasts can also be saved to your mobile device, provided there is enough space available. From your smartphone or tablet you can upload to a computer to publish on YouTube as well.

Instagram Live

If Instagram is your jam and you’ve jumped on the new live broadcast feature, there are a few unique characteristics that you should know about. Most notably is that there are no replays for Instagram Live – once the broadcast ends the content disappears. The key with Instagram isn’t what you do after, it’s the before time that counts. Decide when you’ll go live, make sure your followers know ahead of time so they can tune in. Instagram will do you a huge favor of notifying followers when you go live so they can tune in.

UPDATE: If you want to extend the life of your Instagram Live videos, IGTV is a great way to recycle your content. Check out this blog post with a built-in tutorial.

If you’re going to add livestreaming to your social media marketing toolbox, don’t get overwhelmed, work smarter. You’ll be able to reach more people across all your platforms and make your content work for you, even when you’re off the clock. This is what prompted me to create the “Grow Your Business with Livestreaming” planning workbook. If you’re being challenged with figuring out how to leverage livestreaming for your business, this should help. Click here to grab your FREE copy of the workbook.