Position Your Products for Sale Using Content

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When I talk to business owners about their content marketing activities and how they’re using content, the general frustration is they’re not getting the results they want. 

I usually respond with two questions:  What are you selling? How are you positioning the product for the sale?

If you’re going to use content as a form of marketing for your business, you MUST position your product in the mind of your intended customer so it stands apart from the rest and solves a problem. 

Entrepreneur.com defines positioning in this way: How you differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors and then determine which market niche to fill.

BEFORE the content is created and published I believe there is one key question that the seller has to answer for positioning (if they want the content to connect in a meaningful way).

Here’s the key question: What product characteristics does my intended customer need?? 

I believe the answer to this question happens on two levels, the messaging (how are you talking about the product)  and the communications channels (where are you talking about the product). As an online business owner who creates content I use a mix of platform types (owned, earned and paid) to publish my content, which includes my website, email list, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and paid ads.

The communications channels you use should match the preferences of your intended customer, your goal is to meet them where they are with your content.

Once you’re clear on your channels, you’ll need to clarify your messaging, and there two considerations that impact what you say and how you say it in your content:

Customer Lifestyle – How do they describe their problem? How would they use your product?

Customer Motivations – What is their state of mind when they encounter your content? What will motivate them to take action?

I whipped up this graphic in Canva to illustrate this process, screenshot this for your records. You’re welcome.

When you decide to start creating content for your business, you’re stepping into the position of the expert. You’re signaling to your audience that they can trust you and look to you for support and advice. The responsibility of this role requires you to create the conversations that your audience needs to participate in so they can grow in awareness that they have a problem and you have their solution.

I had this conversation in a live broadcast that you can watch below, I also dive even deeper into the types of motivations that cause customers to buy. Check it out:

One you recognize that the needs, interests & habits of your intended customer has changed you’ll want to create the new types of content they’re looking for to help them discover your offers as their solutions. 

You could have a plan to follow that provides the content you need to create to position your product for sale, I created this product to do exactly that.