Build Your Empire Using My Top 5 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

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Most of us already have busy lives and once you decide to start a business, your most precious resource, time, has a way of slipping away from you.

I want you to win in your business, but I don’t want you to drive yourself crazy in the process, so I’m sharing my top 5 productivity hacks to help you build your empire.

I would never say that it’s easy to run a business, but it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done so far in this life and it’s possible. The key is to find the right tools and put them to work for you.

  1. Content scheduling – in this week alone I’ve had 3 conversations with business owners about scheduling; they didn’t know this option existed! Not only are there 3rd party apps like Hootsuite to help you do this, but Facebook has its own scheduling option for posts that’s SUPER easy, save yourself some time and get it done.
  2. Canned responses – being on the go as much as I am, I send a lot of emails that essentially say the same thing, so I have canned responses/emails saved in my notes app and simply copy and paste when I need to. If you use Gmail for your business you can add the canned response option to accomplish the same thing.
  3. Editorial calendar – Take my advice: PLAN YOUR STUFF IN ADVANCE! If you’re on social media (you should be) or have a blog for your business (you should) or publish content in any way, take the time to plan what you will post. Life happens, set your business up so it doesn’t come to a halt if you’re unavailable.
  4. Time blocks – Sunday afternoon is my time to plan content for the week and create drafts of my blog posts (see my four steps video here). Blocking your time forces you to focus on the tasks in front of you, AND helps you structure your time in a way that ensures you get stuff done.
  5. Use the cloud – The one where you can store your documents, photos or whatever else you need for your business. Remember my mention of my extreme on-the-go-ness? Well, I get things done at the library, at church, at my friend’s house, or wherever I happen to be, because my files are accessible on my phone from my cloud storage of choice, Dropbox. Sign up here to get 500MB of free space as a bonus.

If running a business was easy everybody would do it. I want you to be as efficient and productive with your most precious resource, your time, so you’re not overwhelmed as you take care of business.

To your Greatness,