Why Local Businesses Need to Have an Online Presence

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Mom & pop, brick and mortar, local yokel (okay, maybe not that one…).

The “traditional” route to business ownership leads to establishing a business storefront, flip over the sign that reads “Open” and wait for the droves of customers to come rolling in.

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Once upon a time it wasn’t necessary to have a Facebook page and be on Twitter in order to have a booming local business…oh, how times have changed.

These days regardless of what you sell, your target audience is online so you should SERIOUSLY consider being there to meet and greet them virtually.


If you own/operate a local business, here’s why you need to have an online presence:

Search and Shop

Customers are going online to search for information related to the products and services they want to buy. The businesses that they’re able to find and research are instantly on the short list for earning their spending dollars.

24/7 Access

Do you work all day every day? Your online presence is at work marketing your products and services while you’re fast asleep…..

Opportunities for Growth

Unless you only want to sell to the people in your local area, the opportunities to increase exposure nationally, or even globally, are part of the territory when your business is online.

Competitive Edge

If your competition isn’t online, YOU NEED TO BE!!!! Capitalize on the competitive edge that comes with attracting new customers that haven’t heard about what you offer.

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