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Your Elevator Pitch is the Secret to Your Business Success: Here’s How to Craft It

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Everybody knows what an elevator pitch is, right? From the moment we enter the workforce we’re told that we should be able to tell someone what we do for a living in the amount of time it takes to ride on an elevator, about 30-45 seconds. Your elevator pitch is the secret ingredient to your business success, but many business & brand owners aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity. Keep reading to find out how to craft it for your business.

In the entrepreneurial world the concept is essentially the same, except I believe it’s more impactful to use that 30-45 seconds to talk about the people you help more than about what you do. Leading with value as opposed to leading with talking about yourself is a key differentiator in this noisy business world. You’ll make more of an impact in a short amount of time by sharing the benefits of your products and services BEFORE you start stating facts about how amazing you are.

I have a very simple equation that I use to craft my elevator pitch, although I still need to come up with an edgy name for it….

Who I am + Who I help + The benefit of my service + (if you really want to blow their mind) How you do it

It goes a little something like this:

I’m Moniek James, and I help purpose-driven business  & brand owners achieve content clarity . As a Master Content Strategist and founder of Renegade Creative Media Group I help my clients leverage their expertise to build awareness, establish credibility and get paid online.

This is very succinct and highlights the ways my company supports the businesses we work with. Depending on the person I’m talking to, they’ll have several thoughts after hearing this:

  • What purpose drives my business? I need to think about this for myself…
  • My mom/dad/aunt/pastor is trying to start a business and doesn’t know anything about getting online, maybe I need to tell them about you…
  • So-and-so at work said they wanted to start a blog, I should give them your card…
  • Am I doing these things with my content? I’m gonna check out your website…

Regardless of which category they fall in, the end result is the same, they want to know more. See how that works?

If you don’t think you’ll find yourself in an elevator anytime soon, consider a few other ways that your spiel can be put to use on a more consistent basis, because in the minds of your potential clients and customers, consistency is attractive. Consistency sets you apart from the rest. Consistency is dependable; it can be trusted.

This formula allows you to covertly convey how awesome you are, without being a braggart, and clearly identifies the types of customers/clients you work with. Once you deliver your personal commercial (new name!) with confidence you’ll be sure to attract leads that will be interested in knowing more about what you have to offer!

Your #BabySteptoGreatness assignment for today is to craft your new personal commercial and let me know what it is. Get busy!

To Your Greatness,