3 Tips to Be a Confident Content Creator

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When it comes to content marketing, I believe that confidence is a VERY important ingredient for success. As marketers who want to use a variety of online networks and channels to grow our businesses, we know the value of being consistent online. The challenge is, many don’t feel confident enough to share their messages on a regular basis, and it’s stifling the growth of their business.

Keep reading for three tips to be a confident content creator, so you can make sure your marketing messages get you the results you want.

Tip #1 – Take the focus off you. Keep in mind that the content you create isn’t for you; you publish content for the people that you know your products will help. The information, expertise and experience you have is for the benefit of the customers you intend to sell to; the goal is to position yourself to be useful for them. Those people are experiencing challenges that frustrate them. They’re looking for solutions to their problems and your content creates and opening for them to learn that you have the answer. When you’re able to step into your responsibility as a problem solver, you’ll feel compelled to show up consistently because you know that your people need you.

Tip #2 – Practice. Take the pressure off yourself and practice when the stakes are low. Confidence is rooted in a willingness to try, so use everyday situations as opportunities to practice your speaking, writing, video presence, etc. The more you practice the more comfortable you’ll feel, and you’ll be able to collect small victories along the way. When I decided that livestreaming would be one of my primary outlets for content distribution, I did a live broadcast every day for about 9 months. I wanted to give myself the opportunity learn a new platform and wanted to get comfortable sharing my expertise. I wanted to improve my presentation style and train myself to actually look at the camera lens while I was speaking. The fact that I didn’t have an audience was the perfect setting for practice.

Tip #3 – Never stop being a student. How often do you study your industry or invest in your learning? One of the reasons I hear from business owners who aren’t leveraging content is a fear that they’ll be giving it all away for free. Here’s the thing: when you’re consistently growing your own knowledge, and you recognize that your intended customers will need to know that you can help them before they buy, you’ll have the capacity to share and still have room to sell.

At the end of the day, your intended customers borrow from the level of confidence that you carry when you show up in your content. When you accept and own this fact, you’ll do everything you can to make sure that they have something to latch onto to support their decision to buy from you.
You’ll show up as the confident provider of the transformation that they’re looking for.

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